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Monday, 22 March 2021


Word of the Month

 This month the recipe is ice cube sushi


·         2 cups sushi rice (cooked)

·         3 slices sashimi-grade fresh salmon

·         1/4 avocado (cubed)

·         6 red grape tomatoes

·         1/2 Lebanese cucumber (finely diced)

·         1 shallot (finely sliced)


·         1 tbs mayonnaise

·         1 tsp lime juice

·         1/4 tsp sesame oil


1  Prepare an ice cube tray by lining holes with one big sheet of glad wrap pushed into each hole.

2  Prepare all ingredients and lay out on a plate.

3  Combine dressing ingredients.

4  Place some vegetable or sashimi in the bottom of the mould. Add 1/2 tsp of the combined dressing on top.

5  Spoon in some rice and press with fingertips firmly.

6  Lift by dislodging with the glad wrap.


I hope you can all make this!

Monday, 22 February 2021


Word of the Month

It is Sophie here. I am one of your Japanese’s captains. Ayla or myself will be posting 2-3 words of the month, and this week’s words are Keki, Ame  and Mizu. They mean:

Keki (けーき) : Cake

Ame ((あめ)) : Rain

Mizu ((みず)) : Water


Do you know why we chose these words?


Japanese recipe
Shingen Mochi (raindrop cake)

This month, we are going to make Shingen Mochi (しんげんもち) – also called ‘raindrop cake’. This cake is made from … you guessed it … water! It is quite easy to make (with help from your parents).



½ cup cold water

1 tbsp gelatine

½ cup sugar

2 cups water



1.        Mix gelatine with ½ cup warm water

2.       Boil 2 cups of water and stir in sugar until dissolved.

3.       Add the gelatine to the boiled water and stir until all gelatine is dissolved.

4.       Pour into round bowls and let it cool to room temperature

5.       Refrigerate for at least 6 hours to set.

6.       To remove from bowl, gently lower the bottom of the bowl into warm water for 30 seconds to loosen from the bowl.

Traditionally topped with sweet soy sauce and kinako (soybean powder) but you can drizzle with a topping of your choice.

8.       Try putting an edible blossom or single berry inside – it looks (and tastes) delicious!

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