Sunday, 8 March 2015

Japanese Theme Cafes

Japan is well known for it's pet cafe craze - not just cats and dogs, but also rabbits, owls and even goats! The purpose behind the cafe? It is believed that petting animals increases relaxation and reduces stress - so spending time in a pet cafe is good for health!
Feeding time at the Cat cafe
in many Cat Cafes you can read a manga while patting a cat
Cats also relax in a Cat cafe
All kinds of rabbits live at the Rabbit Cafe
What! Did someone say 'chicken'?
Dogs dress in their best for a day at the Dog Cafe

Lots of dogs - lots of pats!
Cat Cafe - so many places to rest
A different kind of Cafe furniture
Petting an Owl!
Owls, owls, everywhere!

Rabbit Cafe in Japan
Cat Cafe in Japan
And Pikachu Cafe in Japan

Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Sunday, 28 September 2014

Japanese Snack foods - Creative or Crazy?

Japan has some rather unusual tastes, and these have moved into the snack food industry. Have a look at these new and exciting snack foods!

Yogurt flavoured Pepsi
Cucumber flavoured Pepsi
Salty Watermelon flavoured Pepsi
Cola with Green Tea flavoured Coke
Eel Soda
Salad in a drink!

Mountain Dew flavoured Corn crisps

White and Brown chocolate mini burgers

Candied Baby crabs

Horse meat ice cream

Toilet Candy

Make the candy inside the mini toilet!

Soy sauce ice cream

Bread in a can

Feed my fish!

Ready to make music?

3 minute noodles - you either love them or you hate them.

Zondle Games!