Grade 4

Here is a fun song about Onomatopeoia

Learn the names of the family members here!

And now, you can play a game of 'scatter' to remember the names - just drag the word over the matching family member!

The River Test
The Characters

Mother                      おかあさん
Father                       おとうさん
Older Brother      おにいさん
Older Sister             おねえさん
Younger Brother    おとうと
Younger Sister        いもうと
Police Officer          おまわりさん
Thief                          どろぼう

The Rules
1.        A maximum of two people can be on the raft at any one time.
2.       Only the mother, father and police officer are able to operate the raft.  The raft cannot cross the river without an operator.
3.       The thief must never be left alone with any of the family members. The police officer must be present.
4.       The mother must never be left with either son without the father also being present.
5.       The father must never be left with either daughter without the mother being present.
6.       All passengers must get off the raft after each leg of the journey, even if they are just dropping off . The rules still apply. For example, the mother cannot get off momentarily and be with a son when the father is not present, even if she is just dropping someone off and getting straight back on the raft.
7.      You must use Japanese to describe who you would like to move across the river.
When you think you have solved the puzzle, click here to test your solution:

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