Monday, 21 January 2013

Great web sites for everything about Japan

Kids web Japan has information about Japan, games, manga, and all sorts of other wonderful things to do. Have a play of the game 'Step back in time' to see what life was like in the Edo Period.
click here to go to Kids Web Japan

Do you want to practice writing the hiragana - here are some great sites for that:
click here for a site that shows you how to write hiragana
click here to practice writing hiragana
click here for a great Japanese hiragana site

Hiragana Robot game - This is a great game to put hiragana into words - lots of fun!
click here to go to the Robot game

And for a bit of a challenge - in this game, you listen to the word then put the characters in the correct place. がんばれ!
click here for a hiragana word game

Want to try out an authentic Japanese instrument? Try playing the koto
click here to play the koto

And of course, if you want to learn how to draw the famous Japanese manga and anime characters, this is the site for you! click here for the How to Draw Manga site

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