Extension Class

Here are the links to Inanimate Alice:

Journal 3 - Osaka and Kyoto  http://inanimatealice.info/journals/3/ 
Journal 4 - Shikoku  inanimatealice.info/journals/4/
Journal 5 - Tokyo inanimatealice.info/journals/5/

Here is the link for 'Languages Online' - this is a free app that can be used on computer, android or ipad  http://www.education.vic.gov.au/languagesonline/default.htm

This term, we are going to learn about food - and especially about the Japanese favourite, Curry Rice.


Here is a cute Curry Rice song

  Here are the words we are going to be learning - click to hear the word in Japanese, and flip to see the image. Once you think you remember them, try the matching game that follows!

Feed my fish!

Ready to make music?