Saturday, 29 September 2012

More unique Kit Kat flavours from Japan!

I didn't think it was possible, but here is the proof ! Kit Kat have created even more interesting, unusual and unique flavours. Some of them sound really tasty, but others ... I am not so sure.

Azuki (red beans) sandwich

Bitter strawberry

Caramel Purin

Cheese Kit Kat

Chocolate and Baked Sweet Potato

Cola and Lemon Squash

Cookies Plus!

Edamame (green soy beans)

Golden Citrus Blend

Green tea and cherry blossom


Big Little Mandarin!

Maple Syrup

Macha (green tea)


Orange and Pepper


Pumpkin Cheese cake

Red bean soup

Roasted tea

Sports drink


Tofu & Almond pudding

Umeshu soda

Vegetable Juice



Zunda (sweetened soy beans)

Rock melon

Sunday, 10 June 2012

Sushi Art

When you eat sushi, do you think of it as a piece of art or just a tasty snack? Well, a famous Japanese Chef Ken Kawasumi has turned sushi into works of art! In fact, some of his work looks just too beautiful to eat!

Ken Kawasumi with his 'Obama Sushi Platter'

Sushi dragon

Sushi flowers

Famous characters

Butterflies and plants

Japanese writing in sushi!
Beautiful flowers

Famous Japanese images and characters
 Here are some other examples of sushi art:
Hello Kitty - of course

Pirate sushi

Pandas and vegies!

Koala sushi

And of course, Finding Nemo
This sushi was actually crocheted with wool, so it is not for eating

In Japan, you can even buy sushi toys for your dog.

Another sushi chef?

Sunday, 20 May 2012


へのへのもへじ is the name given to a Japanese face drawn using Japanese hiragana characters, made popular by Japanese school children.
However, it is not necessary to use only those characters. Any characters can be used to create the face.

This face is へめへめもこも

What characters can you find in this face?

And of course, the faces do not necessarily have to be human! Try to recognise all the characters in this cat.

Try to work out what characters have been used to draw these cats.

After you have finished the face, you can add hair to make your face even more realistic

You can change the shape of the characters and add things, such as eyes!

Then it's time to add a body to your character.

へのへのもへじ is a fun way of creating cartoon characters!

Feed my fish!

Ready to make music?