Tuesday, 20 March 2012

おべんとう  おいしそう!

Some Japanese Obento (lunchboxes) put our Aussie lunchboxes (sandwich and apple) to shame! 

Not only are the actual containers more interesting and fun than the selection found in most Australian schools, the contents are also often more interesting and delicious looking than ours!
Is it a lunch roll? No, it's a lunch box!
Panda lunch

A cute obento box for a girl

For lego lovers!
Froggie lunch!

traditional obento
And a little bit elegant!

Of course there are some that are quite plain - rice, seaweed and vegetables - and then there are the extraordinary. Here are some examples of amazing Japanese obento! See if you can work out what the theme is - and what food is used...
This one is easy - Hello Kitty

Hint - he is square and made of a sponge 
This character from my favourite movie - yes, it's Tottoro
This famous character is easy to recognise
But do you recognise this one? A famous turtle - ninja trained!
These obento are too pretty to eat!
Do you play with these characters - or eat them?
A famous cat from a well known Japanese Anime - Kiki's Delivery Service

And a famous video game
Yes - it's Nintendo 3D - 'D' for delicious
and a laptop - who said technology wasn't tasty!
A famous wizard turns up for lunch!
And, my favourite beverage!

Feed my fish!

Ready to make music?