Sunday, 10 June 2012

Sushi Art

When you eat sushi, do you think of it as a piece of art or just a tasty snack? Well, a famous Japanese Chef Ken Kawasumi has turned sushi into works of art! In fact, some of his work looks just too beautiful to eat!

Ken Kawasumi with his 'Obama Sushi Platter'

Sushi dragon

Sushi flowers

Famous characters

Butterflies and plants

Japanese writing in sushi!
Beautiful flowers

Famous Japanese images and characters
 Here are some other examples of sushi art:
Hello Kitty - of course

Pirate sushi

Pandas and vegies!

Koala sushi

And of course, Finding Nemo
This sushi was actually crocheted with wool, so it is not for eating

In Japan, you can even buy sushi toys for your dog.

Another sushi chef?

Feed my fish!

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