Saturday, 14 May 2011

Dog Fashions in Japan

Recently in Japan, a new type of store has sprung up - dog fashion! Here is just some of what you can buy:

Traditional Japanese Clothing
Beautiful tradional kimono


and cuteness
or for summer .... yukata
light and summery yukata

Traditional Japanese clothing

traditional Hakama


inspired by martial arts
Formal wear
elegant and beautiful

and sophistication


beautiful bride

and glorious groom
Or more casual combat gear

And for those dogs who like to dress up
Sailor Moon

Dress your dog in your favourite team colours

traditional Japanese walking outfit

Does your dog like to wear hats?

pick your character
keeping the sun off

knitting patterns for doggie hats

I don't think he likes Pikachu!
Or perhaps a nice wig?


geisha style

dreadlocks!! or doglocks???

isn't she gorgeous!

ready for the runway!

And of course, we can't forget our feet!! Yes, shoes for dogs!
Love these outdoor hiking shoes

A nice pair of boots.

and comfy shoes for around the house.
 Whatever you need for your dog fashion, you can probably find it in Japan

on the shelves of a dog clothing store

or on the catwalk (or should it be dogwalk) of the Nintendogs fashion show

Feed my fish!

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