Sunday, 7 August 2011

Car Parking in Japan

Japan is a country of many, many cars - however, in order to buy a car, you must prove that you have purchased a car park first. In the country area it is not very expensive, but in city areas can cost up to 100,000 yen!

Japanese car parks come in all shapes and sizes, and of course they are amazing! Because there is not much space, the car parks take up very little space.

Here are just some different ways you can park your car in Japan:

Hydrolic lifts are used to lift the car park up, revealing one underneath!

Every spare space is used!

single, double

This space has been developed to fit six cars

Parking spaces are squeezed into spaces all over the city - and the tickets are available in the vending machine, of course!

Even small trucks fit on the car parks.

This is one of Japan's famous elevator car parks (see the video below)

Multi-story carpark

and of course, multi-story multi-space carpark of the furture!

This car park fits many cars but takes up relatively small amount of space


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