Monday, 25 April 2011

Kit Kat has new flavours including Ume soda, sports drink and a replenishing vegetable choc bar!

In Japan recently, the following Kit kat bars were found in a convenience store! Japan is well known for creating some amazing flavours for well known products (Fanta for instance) but this one takes the cake - or is it the chocolate bar???
It is an ume soda Kit kat - Ume is the pickled plum very popular in Japan and it has a strong salty-sweet taste - it appears the outside white chocolate of this bar is at first a plum flavour, then the fizzyness of soda hits your mouth - interesting...

Then there is ... Sports drink flavoured Kit kat
Perhaps so you can have a both a chocolate and energy hit in one go!
And just to show that chocolate bars can be healthy - Kit Kat created vegetable flavoured Kit Kat bars
This Kit Kat is said to contain apple, carrot, grape, lemon, celery, green pepper, asparagus, Chinese cabbage, kale, and herbs. It smells and tastes like apple with an undertone of carrot.

Kit Kat Japan often bring out special flavours for each season - here are some more:
Soy sauce flavour
Blood orange flavour

 Chestnut flavour
 Pineapple flavour
 Mc Flurry flavour
Red bean soup flavour
 apple flavour
 Espresso flavour
 Green tea flavour
 Pumpkin flavour
 Toasted soy flour flavour
 Caramel and salt flavour
 Potato flavour
 Watermelon and salt flavour
 Toasted corn flavour
 Apple vinegar flavour
 And finally                             Candied sweet potato flavour

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