Sunday, 3 April 2011

Hiragana writing and remembering games

If you click on this link, you will find a hiragana chart. Click on each character and a small movie of how to write it will appear - this is a great way to learn how to write each hiragana.
 Try out this link to see some really cute animations from hiragana!

Find lots of downloadable hiragana practice sheets, timetable templates and other cool Japanese things here:

and download some really cute and fun Japanese note paper, posters, memos and charts

Visit Momonote and practice writing hiragana!!
This wonderful site allows you to write over the hiragana so you can practice how to write each character - just click on the button that says 'つぎへすすみ' to move to the next hiragana.
Happy writing!

And now - a memory game with sound - match each pair in the quickest time you can!
Are you ready to test your knowledge? Click onto this link and test yourself - how many hiragana can you remember?

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