Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Fantastic Fanta!

Japan has some amazing flavours of Fanta! But even better than crazy Fanta flavours is ...
ふるふる シェーカ  (aka. furu furu shaker - that's jelly Fanta!)
Have a look at some of the crazy flavours:
Orange, Lemon and Grape Jelly Fanta!
Secret Fruits Fanta (don't ask what they are - it's a secret!)
Apple Cider Fanta
Cider Jelly Fanta
Lemon, Secret Fruits, Fantastic Fruits and Strawberry Fanta
The latest Fanta craze  ... Fanta world! These are fruit punch!
Grape Fanta
Grapefruit Fanta
My favourite !!! Grape Jelly Fanta

Orange Jelly Fanta

Lemon Zero Fanta

Mandarin Fanta

Mango Fanta
Melon Soda Jelly Fanta

Peach Fanta

Pear Fanta
Strawberry Fanta

Plum Fanta

White Fanta - with calcium!

Feed my fish!

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